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RIPROPINFO - The most comprehensive local real estate reference site we know of
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    Web Sites of Members 

    Bruno Coelho  - Investments
    Stacy Corrigan - Property management 
    Rob Grace- Hard money lending
    John Hacunda - Hard Money Lending / Note Purchases
    Hlee Kue - Real Estate Investments
    David LaBorde - Hard Money Lending / Structured Settlements 
    Jason Martins - Investments 
    Frank Patalano Investments 
    Craig Picard - Investments
    Hank Richter – Home inspections
    Anthony Thompson – Investments
    Bob Brandzen  Roofing and siding
    Shonte Davidson Rentals and Investments
    Jarred Polseno
    Mortgage Loan Originator

    David Oliveira Broker/Owner/REALTOR
    Amy Marsden
    Property Management
    Melissa Baker
    Ken Lyons

    Rich Streitfeld Residential/Commercial Mortgages / CPA
    Charles Dennis Junk Removal
    Bill Wallace Commercial Lender/Broker 
    Jeremie Witlin  Commercial Mortgage Broker/Business Loan Broker

    Jason Potrzeba  Home Improvement Loans

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    RIPROPINFO.COM is the single most comprehensive local real estate reference site we are aware of.


    It was created by one of our members, Anthony Thompson AND includes everything we would have put here including:

    Well organized links to R.I. municipalities including Clerks offices, Land records, Assessor databases, GIS maps with additional links to Property tax rates, Recording fees, Corporations, Flood maps, Septic/Cesspool, Wetland permits, Coastal property, Lead paint status, Zoning regs, EPA environmental, Superfund/CERCLIS, DEM/GIS, Criminal check, Conveyance tax, Contractor board, Professional licenses, Historic register, Alternate city/town names, Landlord-Tenant handbook, Attorney lookup, Realtor lookup.

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